About Iron Lotus

I have had my own studio since October 2019 after years of working in other tattoo shops i decided to go it alone in the hope for peace and quiet in my own shop to give my customers 100 percent attention on what I am working on to better my work and organise myself in a more efficient way and since the shop opening its working out great !

I trained to tattoo in Maidstone in a custom tattoo shop called stainless Steve’s and if you haven’t checked that beautiful studio out then you’ve got to do so they were and still are great people and i have nothing but praise and gratitude for everything they have done for me and still visit them whenever i can

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I specialise in Japanese style tattoos but will be talked into most styles as I like seeing how happy it makes people to get whatever they like i also enjoy animal , flower ,script, movie and tv inspired designs but I’m sure my tattoo gallery will show all those styles so you can see for yourself

My opening hours vary on what big jobs I’m doing but any day of the week can be discussed about regular slots . I get to the studio by 10.30 most mornings and am here until at least 5pm but do later appointments for the people that work until later so they don’t miss out

What separates the studio from many other places is that its only me in the studio making its easy to discuss designs or any ideas you need help with and in turn make you feel comfortable having the work done knowing its only us around and nobody is here looking over or distracting us .